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Employment by UK Constituency

HexmapAldershot: 14.1%Aldridge-Brownhills: 14.0%Altrincham and Sale West: 10.2%Amber Valley: 15.1%Arundel and South Downs: 10.1%Ashfield: 16.4%Ashford: 14.9%Ashton-under-Lyne: 17.6%Aylesbury: 14.2%Banbury: 13.0%Barking: 16.5%Barnsley Central: 16.3%Barnsley East: 18.9%Barrow and Furness: 15.0%Basildon and Billericay: 15.6%Basingstoke: 13.3%Bassetlaw: 15.2%Bath: 4.6%Batley and Spen: 15.0%Battersea: 9.8%Beaconsfield: 10.8%Beckenham: 10.8%Bedford: 15.1%Bermondsey and Old Southwark: 9.3%Berwick-upon-Tweed: 17.5%Bethnal Green and Bow: 11.2%Beverley and Holderness: 11.8%Bexhill and Battle: 14.6%Bexleyheath and Crayford: 13.3%Birkenhead: 21.4%Birmingham, Edgbaston: 11.8%Birmingham, Erdington: 22.2%Birmingham, Hall Green: 16.5%Birmingham, Hodge Hill: 19.9%Birmingham, Ladywood: 11.6%Birmingham, Northfield: 19.8%Birmingham, Perry Barr: 18.1%Birmingham, Selly Oak: 7.9%Birmingham, Yardley: 19.5%Bishop Auckland: 19.4%Blackburn: 16.2%Blackley and Broughton: 17.4%Blackpool North and Cleveleys: 19.5%Blackpool South: 22.6%Blaydon: 16.1%Blyth Valley: 19.5%Bognor Regis and Littlehampton: 13.5%Bolsover: 15.3%Bolton North East: 18.8%Bolton South East: 16.5%Bolton West: 13.5%Bootle: 21.0%Boston and Skegness: 17.3%Bosworth: 11.6%Bournemouth East: 11.4%Bournemouth West: 7.2%Bracknell: 11.4%Bradford East: 20.5%Bradford South: 18.8%Bradford West: 18.7%Braintree: 12.7%Brent Central: 13.9%Brent North: 12.9%Brentford and Isleworth: 13.3%Brentwood and Ongar: 11.6%Bridgwater and West Somerset: 13.9%Brigg and Goole: 14.0%Brighton, Kemptown: 11.0%Brighton, Pavilion: 6.3%Bristol East: 10.8%Bristol North West: 9.5%Bristol South: 15.1%Bristol West: 4.4%Broadland: 12.7%Bromley and Chislehurst: 13.6%Bromsgrove: 10.9%Broxbourne: 13.4%Broxtowe: 9.5%Buckingham: 9.6%Burnley: 18.6%Burton: 14.0%Bury North: 14.8%Bury South: 14.7%Bury St Edmunds: 11.7%Calder Valley: 13.6%Camberwell and Peckham: 14.4%Camborne and Redruth: 12.7%Cambridge: 4.1%Cannock Chase: 15.5%Canterbury: 6.5%Carlisle: 13.6%Carshalton and Wallington: 13.1%Castle Point: 13.1%Central Devon: 11.9%Central Suffolk and North Ipswich: 10.6%Charnwood: 10.7%Chatham and Aylesford: 16.5%Cheadle: 10.4%Chelmsford: 11.7%Chelsea and Fulham: 8.9%Cheltenham: 9.9%Chesham and Amersham: 10.0%Chesterfield: 16.4%Chichester: 10.3%Chingford and Woodford Green: 14.5%Chippenham: 11.3%Chipping Barnet: 13.8%Chorley: 12.7%Christchurch: 11.9%Cities of London and Westminster: 6.8%City of Chester: 9.9%City of Durham: 5.3%Clacton: 20.6%Cleethorpes: 13.4%Colchester: 11.0%Colne Valley: 12.3%Congleton: 9.8%Copeland: 13.7%Corby: 12.7%Coventry North East: 15.1%Coventry North West: 12.4%Coventry South: 6.2%Crawley: 15.6%Crewe and Nantwich: 14.5%Croydon Central: 15.5%Croydon North: 17.0%Croydon South: 13.0%Dagenham and Rainham: 15.8%Darlington: 17.6%Dartford: 14.1%Daventry: 11.7%Denton and Reddish: 15.7%Derby North: 10.8%Derby South: 19.7%Derbyshire Dales: 11.3%Devizes: 12.7%Dewsbury: 14.2%Don Valley: 18.4%Doncaster Central: 19.4%Doncaster North: 21.0%Dover: 16.9%Dudley North: 18.9%Dudley South: 17.2%Dulwich and West Norwood: 14.0%Ealing Central and Acton: 11.0%Ealing North: 14.3%Ealing, Southall: 13.8%Easington: 20.5%East Devon: 11.5%East Ham: 15.1%East Hampshire: 11.0%East Surrey: 12.1%East Worthing and Shoreham: 13.3%East Yorkshire: 13.2%Eastbourne: 14.7%Eastleigh: 11.5%Eddisbury: 11.8%Edmonton: 17.9%Ellesmere Port and Neston: 13.8%Elmet and Rothwell: 12.1%Eltham: 16.5%Enfield North: 15.4%Enfield, Southgate: 14.9%Epping Forest: 13.5%Epsom and Ewell: 9.7%Erewash: 15.6%Erith and Thamesmead: 19.2%Esher and Walton: 10.8%Exeter: 4.8%Fareham: 10.1%Faversham and Mid Kent: 14.6%Feltham and Heston: 15.9%Filton and Bradley Stoke: 7.1%Finchley and Golders Green: 12.9%Folkestone and Hythe: 17.8%Forest of Dean: 12.4%Fylde: 11.9%Gainsborough: 14.2%Garston and Halewood: 16.2%Gateshead: 17.9%Gedling: 13.9%Gillingham and Rainham: 14.1%Gloucester: 12.8%Gosport: 14.6%Grantham and Stamford: 13.3%Gravesham: 17.2%Great Grimsby: 21.8%Great Yarmouth: 19.5%Greenwich and Woolwich: 14.3%Guildford: 5.2%Hackney North and Stoke Newington: 14.9%Hackney South and Shoreditch: 14.8%Halesowen and Rowley Regis: 16.4%Halifax: 17.7%Haltemprice and Howden: 9.7%Halton: 16.8%Hammersmith: 11.5%Hampstead and Kilburn: 11.1%Harborough: 9.7%Harlow: 15.2%Harrogate and Knaresborough: 8.9%Harrow East: 12.6%Harrow West: 11.8%Hartlepool: 19.4%Harwich and North Essex: 11.4%Hastings and Rye: 18.5%Havant: 14.7%Hayes and Harlington: 14.9%Hazel Grove: 12.8%Hemel Hempstead: 13.7%Hemsworth: 17.2%Hendon: 13.2%Henley: 10.2%Hereford and South Herefordshire: 13.4%Hertford and Stortford: 11.1%Hertsmere: 12.6%Hexham: 11.9%Heywood and Middleton: 17.5%High Peak: 13.2%Hitchin and Harpenden: 10.4%Holborn and St Pancras: 8.6%Hornchurch and Upminster: 13.1%Hornsey and Wood Green: 15.4%Horsham: 10.0%Houghton and Sunderland South: 17.3%Hove: 13.0%Huddersfield: 12.3%Huntingdon: 11.9%Hyndburn: 16.6%Ilford North: 12.7%Ilford South: 14.4%Ipswich: 15.3%Isle of Wight: 16.7%Islington North: 14.2%Islington South and Finsbury: 11.9%Jarrow: 15.7%Keighley: 13.9%Kenilworth and Southam: 6.5%Kensington: 11.8%Kettering: 13.9%Kingston and Surbiton: 9.1%Kingston upon Hull East: 18.1%Kingston upon Hull North: 13.3%Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle: 18.3%Kingswood: 10.2%Knowsley: 20.2%Lancaster and Fleetwood: 6.9%Leeds Central: 7.7%Leeds East: 18.9%Leeds North East: 12.6%Leeds North West: 4.2%Leeds West: 15.5%Leicester East: 14.5%Leicester South: 8.3%Leicester West: 13.6%Leigh: 14.7%Lewes: 14.5%Lewisham East: 17.1%Lewisham West and Penge: 16.6%Lewisham, Deptford: 14.4%Leyton and Wanstead: 15.1%Lichfield: 10.9%Lincoln: 8.1%Liverpool, Riverside: 5.0%Liverpool, Walton: 19.6%Liverpool, Wavertree: 9.6%Liverpool, West Derby: 18.5%Loughborough: 5.7%Louth and Horncastle: 16.9%Ludlow: 13.0%Luton North: 14.6%Luton South: 15.9%Macclesfield: 10.3%Maidenhead: 11.0%Maidstone and The Weald: 14.1%Makerfield: 15.3%Maldon: 11.4%Manchester Central: 8.1%Manchester, Gorton: 9.7%Manchester, Withington: 7.5%Mansfield: 16.7%Meon Valley: 10.4%Meriden: 16.1%Mid Bedfordshire: 9.3%Mid Derbyshire: 10.1%Mid Dorset and North Poole: 9.9%Mid Norfolk: 13.3%Mid Sussex: 10.9%Mid Worcestershire: 12.6%Middlesbrough: 17.8%Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland: 17.2%Milton Keynes North: 13.4%Milton Keynes South: 14.0%Mitcham and Morden: 14.6%Mole Valley: 10.2%Morecambe and Lunesdale: 14.8%Morley and Outwood: 11.7%New Forest East: 12.6%New Forest West: 11.4%Newark: 13.1%Newbury: 11.5%Newcastle upon Tyne Central: 10.8%Newcastle upon Tyne East: 5.4%Newcastle upon Tyne North: 14.4%Newcastle-under-Lyme: 9.1%Newton Abbot: 13.7%Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford: 17.1%North Cornwall: 15.3%North Devon: 14.6%North Dorset: 10.8%North Durham: 17.7%North East Bedfordshire: 10.6%North East Cambridgeshire: 16.4%North East Derbyshire: 14.5%North East Hampshire: 9.1%North East Hertfordshire: 12.1%North East Somerset: 9.0%North Herefordshire: 12.9%North Norfolk: 16.3%North Shropshire: 12.8%North Somerset: 9.0%North Swindon: 12.8%North Thanet: 17.1%North Tyneside: 17.3%North Warwickshire: 13.5%North West Cambridgeshire: 12.8%North West Durham: 17.9%North West Hampshire: 11.6%North West Leicestershire: 10.9%North West Norfolk: 16.1%North Wiltshire: 11.0%Northampton North: 12.9%Northampton South: 12.1%Norwich North: 15.6%Norwich South: 7.9%Nottingham East: 8.2%Nottingham North: 19.8%Nottingham South: 4.2%Nuneaton: 15.5%Old Bexley and Sidcup: 10.6%Oldham East and Saddleworth: 18.5%Oldham West and Royton: 18.5%Orpington: 12.0%Oxford East: 4.6%Oxford West and Abingdon: 6.8%Pendle: 15.7%Penistone and Stocksbridge: 12.5%Penrith and The Border: 10.3%Peterborough: 19.3%Plymouth, Moor View: 16.0%Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport: 8.8%Poole: 14.3%Poplar and Limehouse: 12.4%Portsmouth North: 13.2%Portsmouth South: 7.3%Preston: 11.7%Pudsey: 9.9%Putney: 10.6%Rayleigh and Wickford: 10.3%Reading East: 7.2%Reading West: 13.8%Redcar: 19.7%Redditch: 14.1%Reigate: 12.6%Ribble Valley: 8.9%Richmond (Yorks): 13.6%Richmond Park: 10.3%Rochdale: 17.1%Rochester and Strood: 15.7%Rochford and Southend East: 18.2%Romford: 14.9%Romsey and Southampton North: 6.7%Rossendale and Darwen: 14.7%Rother Valley: 14.3%Rotherham: 21.2%Rugby: 10.9%Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner: 12.1%Runnymede and Weybridge: 7.2%Rushcliffe: 7.9%Rutland and Melton: 11.3%Saffron Walden: 10.1%Salford and Eccles: 10.7%Salisbury: 12.0%Scarborough and Whitby: 16.3%Scunthorpe: 17.3%Sedgefield: 17.5%Sefton Central: 10.2%Selby and Ainsty: 10.7%Sevenoaks: 11.4%Sheffield Central: 4.6%Sheffield South East: 15.5%Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough: 21.0%Sheffield, Hallam: 5.3%Sheffield, Heeley: 18.3%Sherwood: 14.2%Shipley: 12.2%Shrewsbury and Atcham: 12.8%Sittingbourne and Sheppey: 19.6%Skipton and Ripon: 9.9%Sleaford and North Hykeham: 11.2%Slough: 14.5%Solihull: 10.7%Somerton and Frome: 12.4%South Basildon and East Thurrock: 15.2%South Cambridgeshire: 8.7%South Derbyshire: 11.0%South Dorset: 17.1%South East Cambridgeshire: 10.2%South East Cornwall: 13.7%South Holland and The Deepings: 13.5%South Leicestershire: 10.3%South Norfolk: 11.4%South Northamptonshire: 9.5%South Ribble: 11.9%South Shields: 20.0%South Staffordshire: 17.9%South Suffolk: 12.2%South Swindon: 14.3%South Thanet: 18.5%South West Bedfordshire: 13.6%South West Devon: 9.9%South West Hertfordshire: 10.8%South West Norfolk: 15.0%South West Surrey: 8.7%South West Wiltshire: 13.5%Southampton, Itchen: 10.6%Southampton, Test: 10.0%Southend West: 14.3%Southport: 14.0%Spelthorne: 13.9%St Albans: 10.9%St Austell and Newquay: 16.0%St Helens North: 17.1%St Helens South and Whiston: 17.4%St Ives: 15.1%Stafford: 12.2%Staffordshire Moorlands: 10.3%Stalybridge and Hyde: 15.9%Stevenage: 13.9%Stockport: 17.2%Stockton North: 21.5%Stockton South: 13.9%Stoke-on-Trent Central: 13.5%Stoke-on-Trent North: 17.1%Stoke-on-Trent South: 15.9%Stone: 9.8%Stourbridge: 14.5%Stratford-on-Avon: 10.9%Streatham: 12.6%Stretford and Urmston: 13.0%Stroud: 11.4%Suffolk Coastal: 13.7%Sunderland Central: 15.1%Surrey Heath: 10.3%Sutton and Cheam: 11.7%Sutton Coldfield: 10.8%Tamworth: 18.2%Tatton: 11.1%Taunton Deane: 11.9%Telford: 18.4%Tewkesbury: 11.0%The Cotswolds: 10.1%The Wrekin: 11.7%Thirsk and Malton: 11.3%Thornbury and Yate: 10.4%Thurrock: 15.2%Tiverton and Honiton: 12.1%Tonbridge and Malling: 11.6%Tooting: 11.0%Torbay: 16.3%Torridge and West Devon: 14.4%Totnes: 14.1%Tottenham: 16.9%Truro and Falmouth: 8.7%Tunbridge Wells: 12.3%Twickenham: 10.2%Tynemouth: 13.8%Uxbridge and South Ruislip: 10.2%Vauxhall: 10.1%Wakefield: 15.7%Wallasey: 17.4%Walsall North: 23.4%Walsall South: 19.0%Walthamstow: 15.7%Wansbeck: 20.3%Wantage: 11.3%Warley: 17.0%Warrington North: 15.5%Warrington South: 11.1%Warwick and Leamington: 8.4%Washington and Sunderland West: 18.3%Watford: 12.4%Waveney: 17.9%Wealden: 12.6%Weaver Vale: 13.4%Wellingborough: 13.9%Wells: 11.5%Welwyn Hatfield: 7.5%Wentworth and Dearne: 17.3%West Bromwich East: 19.1%West Bromwich West: 19.3%West Dorset: 12.9%West Ham: 14.7%West Lancashire: 8.2%West Suffolk: 13.8%West Worcestershire: 12.8%Westminster North: 13.2%Westmorland and Lonsdale: 8.9%Weston-Super-Mare: 13.0%Wigan: 15.0%Wimbledon: 10.6%Winchester: 7.0%Windsor: 9.6%Wirral South: 10.7%Wirral West: 12.2%Witham: 11.4%Witney: 10.9%Woking: 12.3%Wokingham: 8.3%Wolverhampton North East: 17.9%Wolverhampton South East: 19.9%Wolverhampton South West: 16.4%Worcester: 11.1%Workington: 15.4%Worsley and Eccles South: 18.8%Worthing West: 13.3%Wycombe: 11.9%Wyre and Preston North: 7.9%Wyre Forest: 15.4%Wythenshawe and Sale East: 18.5%Yeovil: 13.2%York Central: 6.2%York Outer: 4.9%Belfast EastBelfast NorthBelfast SouthBelfast WestEast AntrimEast LondonderryFermanagh and South TyroneFoyleLagan ValleyMid UlsterNewry and ArmaghNorth AntrimNorth DownSouth AntrimSouth DownStrangfordUpper BannWest TyroneAberdeen NorthAberdeen SouthAirdrie and ShottsAngusArgyll and ButeAyr, Carrick and CumnockBanff and BuchanBerwickshire, Roxburgh and SelkirkCaithness, Sutherland and Easter RossCentral AyrshireCoatbridge, Chryston and BellshillCumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch EastDumfries and GallowayDumfriesshire, Clydesdale and TweeddaleDundee EastDundee WestDunfermline and West FifeEast DunbartonshireEast Kilbride, Strathaven and LesmahagowEast LothianEast RenfrewshireEdinburgh EastEdinburgh North and LeithEdinburgh SouthEdinburgh South WestEdinburgh WestNa h-Eileanan an IarFalkirkGlasgow CentralGlasgow EastGlasgow NorthGlasgow North EastGlasgow North WestGlasgow SouthGlasgow South WestGlenrothesGordonInverclydeInverness, Nairn, Badenoch and StrathspeyKilmarnock and LoudounKirkcaldy and CowdenbeathLanark and Hamilton EastLinlithgow and East FalkirkLivingstonMidlothianMorayMotherwell and WishawNorth Ayrshire and ArranNorth East FifeOchil and South PerthshireOrkney and ShetlandPaisley and Renfrewshire NorthPaisley and Renfrewshire SouthPerth and North PerthshireRoss, Skye and LochaberRutherglen and Hamilton WestStirlingWest Aberdeenshire and KincardineWest DunbartonshireYnys MônDelynAlyn and DeesideWrexhamLlanelliGowerSwansea WestSwansea EastAberavonCardiff CentralCardiff NorthRhonddaTorfaenMonmouthNewport EastNewport WestArfonAberconwyClwyd WestVale of ClwydDwyfor MeirionnyddClwyd SouthMontgomeryshireCeredigionPreseli PembrokeshireCarmarthen West and South PembrokeshireCarmarthen East and DinefwrBrecon and RadnorshireNeathCynon ValleyMerthyr Tydfil and RhymneyBlaenau GwentBridgendOgmorePontypriddCaerphillyIslwynVale of GlamorganCardiff WestCardiff South and Penarth

Economic statistics relating to employment for young people, by parliamentary consituency.

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  • Unemployment
  • NEET
  • Economic inactivity

Risk of NEET Factors

most likely
least likely
HexmapHartlepool: 25.11Middlesbrough: 32.38Redcar and Cleveland: 27.60Stockton-on-Tees: 13.24Kingston upon Hull, City of: 20.52East Riding of Yorkshire: -7.39Darlington: 16.40Halton: 21.03Slough: -0.94Warrington: -3.94Blackburn with Darwen: 13.49Blackpool: 32.18North East Lincolnshire: 19.11York: -14.79Derby: 9.06North Lincolnshire: 8.94Leicester: 5.12Rutland: -17.78Nottingham: 12.38Herefordshire, County of: 0.34Telford and Wrekin: 15.16Stoke-on-Trent: 23.38Luton: 4.22Bath and North East Somerset: -14.23Southend-on-Sea: 0.48Bristol, City of: -0.29Brentwood: -12.06North Somerset: -5.68Worcester: -0.36South Gloucestershire: -10.02Brent: -4.05Plymouth: 9.59Thurrock: -0.61Medway: 7.18Torbay: 16.04Bracknell Forest: -12.50Kingston upon Thames: -20.10Swindon: 2.01Peterborough: 11.88West Berkshire: -11.74Reading: -6.53Windsor and Maidenhead: -15.49Wokingham: -23.78Lambeth: -4.35Milton Keynes: -3.10Brighton and Hove: -6.41Bromley: -12.60Portsmouth: 1.76Southampton: 5.38Isle of Wight: 11.24County Durham: 13.71Cheshire East: -7.64Cheshire West and Chester: -2.03Shropshire: 0.14Cornwall: 1.66Isles of Scilly: -11.40Wiltshire: -5.80Camden: -5.38Bedford: -0.49Central Bedfordshire: -7.69Northumberland: 9.39Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole: -2.88Dorset: -2.02Buckinghamshire: -11.45Croydon: -0.89Cambridge: -12.75East Cambridgeshire: -10.63Basildon: 5.72Fenland: 11.15Bolsover: 13.17Huntingdonshire: -6.11Ealing: -10.75South Cambridgeshire: -15.05Allerdale: 2.49Barrow-in-Furness: 12.51Carlisle: 6.05Copeland: 1.06Chesterfield: 12.11Derbyshire Dales: -9.95Eden: -9.29South Lakeland: -11.29Amber Valley: 1.38Erewash: 5.22High Peak: -1.57Exeter: -7.00Mid Devon: -0.65North Devon: 3.41South Hams: -7.33North East Derbyshire: 4.08Eastbourne: 3.77South Derbyshire: -5.54Hastings: 17.05East Devon: -5.67Teignbridge: -1.25Torridge: 5.91West Devon: -2.28Lewes: 0.11Enfield: -1.45Rother: 5.16Wealden: -10.11Greenwich: 3.85Braintree: -1.90Hackney: 9.96Castle Point: -3.65Chelmsford: -10.93Colchester: -3.99Epping Forest: -4.93Harlow: 11.45Maldon: -0.54Fareham: -11.21Rochford: -10.39Tendring: 14.38Uttlesford: -16.44Cheltenham: -8.97Cotswold: -14.36Hammersmith and Fulham: -11.48Forest of Dean: -1.76Gloucester: 1.72Stroud: -11.41Gosport: 7.10Tewkesbury: -8.79Haringey: 0.91Basingstoke and Deane: -3.98Hart: -20.36East Hampshire: -11.61Eastleigh: -7.83Havant: 6.98New Forest: -5.02Rushmoor: -2.20Watford: -8.95Test Valley: -7.99Harrow: -13.97Winchester: -17.41Broxbourne: -1.66Dacorum: -6.01Hertsmere: -5.07Burnley: 20.15North Hertfordshire: -8.31Three Rivers: -14.68Ashford: 2.31Pendle: 10.18Canterbury: -5.90Dartford: -1.76Dover: 8.58Gravesham: 5.94Maidstone: -0.16Preston: 8.01Sevenoaks: -6.01Welwyn Hatfield: -6.92Folkestone and Hythe: 8.15Swale: 9.19Thanet: 14.88Tonbridge and Malling: -6.34Rochdale: 18.92Tunbridge Wells: -7.94Chorley: -0.98South Ribble: 0.40Fylde: -3.25Hyndburn: 15.65Lancaster: -1.07Salford: 13.51Ribble Valley: -16.23Rossendale: 8.82West Lancashire: -1.37Lewisham: 1.53Wyre: 5.52Blaby: -6.63Charnwood: -10.10Harborough: -13.54Hinckley and Bosworth: -3.83North West Leicestershire: -4.01Melton: -8.20Oadby and Wigston: -6.38Merton: -13.04Boston: 13.01East Lindsey: 17.13Lincoln: 7.38St. Helens: 19.53North Kesteven: -7.00North Northamptonshire: 4.23South Holland: 3.85Ashfield: 13.24South Kesteven: -4.79Gedling: 0.22West Lindsey: 4.16Breckland: 4.76Broadland: -8.30Great Yarmouth: 24.81King's Lynn and West Norfolk: 7.40North Norfolk: 1.26Norwich: 6.78South Norfolk: -8.57West Northamptonshire: -3.49Mansfield: 16.90Craven: -14.00Hambleton: -10.24Oxford: -8.81Harrogate: -12.68Richmondshire: -5.68Cannock Chase: 10.40Ryedale: -10.97Scarborough: 10.41Selby: -5.64Bassetlaw: 10.88Broxtowe: -4.12Newark and Sherwood: 3.68Ipswich: 12.90Rushcliffe: -17.80Elmbridge: -16.13Epsom and Ewell: -16.41Cherwell: -6.19South Oxfordshire: -14.48Vale of White Horse: -11.98Runnymede: -10.40West Oxfordshire: -11.39Spelthorne: -3.59Mendip: -4.10Sedgemoor: 4.20South Somerset: 1.96East Staffordshire: 0.17Lichfield: -6.52Surrey Heath: -10.81Newham: -0.33Newcastle-under-Lyme: 2.74Tandridge: -9.72South Staffordshire: -4.63Havering: -8.02Stafford: -3.86Redbridge: -11.86Staffordshire Moorlands: -2.76Tamworth: 12.76Babergh: -4.12Mid Suffolk: -8.33Wandsworth: -17.09Guildford: -14.57Manchester: 10.11Mole Valley: -14.12Reigate and Banstead: -9.90Westminster: -10.46Waverley: -17.33Woking: -8.60Ards and North DownNorth Warwickshire: 6.57Nuneaton and Bedworth: 13.22Oldham: 15.63Rugby: -4.10Stratford-on-Avon: -10.16Bromsgrove: -8.81Warwick: -12.24Adur: -2.84Malvern Hills: -3.81Arun: 2.36Chichester: -7.56Crawley: 5.61Horsham: -13.65Mid Sussex: -14.87Worthing: -3.78Redditch: 8.34Wychavon: -2.30Wyre Forest: 6.50St Albans: -18.58East Hertfordshire: -14.43Stevenage: 5.68East Suffolk: 6.17West Suffolk: -2.31Somerset West and Taunton: 2.96North Tyneside: 6.65Bolton: 10.67Bury: 4.32South Tyneside: 18.74Stockport: 0.81Tameside: 17.76Trafford: -10.64Wigan: 11.24Knowsley: 26.75Liverpool: 17.52Sefton: 9.35Wirral: 13.86Barnsley: 18.48Sunderland: 21.36Doncaster: 20.98Rotherham: 19.91Sheffield: 7.10Newcastle upon Tyne: 7.96Birmingham: 12.50Coventry: 4.72Hillingdon: -6.12Dudley: 11.47Sandwell: 16.42Hounslow: -3.56Islington: 5.32Solihull: 0.52Walsall: 16.63Wolverhampton: 16.00Bradford: 17.32Calderdale: 8.23Kirklees: 4.18Wakefield: 14.65Leeds: 0.49Bexley: -7.25Gateshead: 15.28City of London: -27.49Barking and Dagenham: 8.12Barnet: -13.05Kensington and Chelsea: -14.31Richmond upon Thames: -22.07Southwark: -1.28Sutton: -6.37Tower Hamlets: -4.66Waltham Forest: -1.26Antrim and NewtownabbeyArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonBelfastCauseway Coast and GlensDerry City and StrabaneFermanagh and OmaghLisburn and CastlereaghMid and East AntrimMid UlsterNewry, Mourne and DownClackmannanshireDumfries and GallowayEast AyrshireEast LothianEast RenfrewshireNa h-Eileanan SiarFalkirkHighlandInverclydeMidlothianMorayNorth AyrshireOrkney IslandsScottish BordersShetland IslandsSouth AyrshireSouth LanarkshireStirlingAberdeen CityAberdeenshireArgyll and ButeCity of EdinburghWest DunbartonshireRenfrewshireEast DunbartonshireFifeWest LothianAngusDundee CityPerth and KinrossGlasgow CityBridgendNorth LanarkshireIsle of AngleseyGwyneddConwyDenbighshireFlintshireWrexhamCeredigionPembrokeshireCarmarthenshireSwanseaNeath Port TalbotVale of GlamorganCardiffRhondda Cynon TafTorfaenCaerphillyBlaenau GwentMerthyr TydfilMonmouthshireNewportPowys

Data on factors that contribute to likelihood of NEET

  • Employment
  • Unemployment
  • NEET
  • Economic inactivity

Labour Market

Unemployment rate (young people)

13%Young people aged 16-24, unemployed as at Jan-Mar 2024 (seasonally adjusted)

Economic inactivity rate (young people)

42%Young people aged 16-24, economically inactive as at Jan-Mar 2024 (seasonally adjusted)

Unemployment rate (all working age)

4.4%People aged 16-64, unemployed as at Jan-Mar 2024 (seasonally adjusted)

Economic inactivity rate (all working age)

22.1%People aged 16-64, economically inactive as at Jan-Mar 2024 (seasonally adjusted)
  • Employment
  • Unemployment
  • Economic inactivity
  • Long-term unemployment
  • Gender
  • Aged 16-17
  • Aged 18-24
  • FTE
  • NFTE